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Historical and Majestic Highlights

Serving as the Thai capital for 417 years (1350 - 1767), Ayutthaya was once glorified as one of the biggest cities in Southeast Asia. Visitors can explore and appreciate Thai history in Ayutthaya. Marvel at the grandeur reflected through numerous magnificent structures and ruins concentrated in and around the city island, and surrounded by Chao Phraya, Pa Sak and Lopburi Rivers. Right in the very heart of the Ayutthaya city is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya Historical Park.

01. The ancient splendor of Ayutthaya Historical Park

The Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covers the ruins of the old city of Ayutthaya, founded by King Ramathibodi in 1350. The old city was Thailand’s capital until 1767. Historic temples are scattered throughout this once magnificent city. Principle sights include the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Si Sanphet - the Royal Chapel, and Wat Mahathat – the Temple of the Great Relic. Renting a bicycle and chartering a long-tail boat allows you to absorb the attractions up close.
02. Spend a day in the Bang Pa-In Palace

A few miles down the Chao Phraya River is the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace. The site was first used by the royal court as a summer retreat in the 17th century. The structures represent a variety of architectural styles, set in a large park around ponds and waterways. Bang Pa-In Palace is usually included in a day trip excursion from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.
03. Handmade works of art at the Bang Sai Arts and Crafts Center

Farmers from Ayutthaya and from all over the country undergo training in folk arts and crafts here. At this center, you will have a glimpse of how farmers in the four regions live and work, as well as how their art products are produced. Get yourself a few pieces of weaving baskets, hand-woven silk and cotton, Thai dolls, and many more.
04. Ride a boat and explore Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Built in 1630 by King Prasat Thong to honor his mother, Wat Chai Wattanaram was conceived as a replica of the Angkor Temple. Its great beauty is reflected from the main stupa and its satellite stupas along the gallery. A long-tailed boat trip is available from Chankasem Palace Pier.
05. River cruise: the best way to see the best of Ayutthaya

River cruises to Ayutthaya not only reveal the beauty and lifestyle of the people along the Chao Phraya River, but also reflect the life at the time of Ayutthaya Kingdom, when the Chao Phraya River served as a channel for trade. Several companies operate luxury cruises to Bang Pa-In, with side trips by bus to Ayutthaya. Longer two-day trips are also available by converted rice barges with the more eco, agro and cultural activities incorporated.
06. Celebrate a milestone at the Ayutthaya World Heritage Fair / Light & Sound

A celebration is held annually in December to commemorate the declaration of the Ayutthaya Historical Park as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. The fair features local ways of life, handicrafts, Thai traditions and culture, as well as a light and sound presentation on the Kingdom of Ayutthaya’s history.
07. Romp and walk side by side with elephants

Enjoy elephant riding, shows, and feeding during your Ayutthaya vacation. A trip fording the stream and visiting ancient monuments, as well as a hands-on experience working, playing, and taking care of retired elephants will enhance your experience of a lifetime.
08. Discover Thai's cultural roots at the Ayutthaya Historical Study Center, Ayutthaya Tourism Center and the National Art Museum

If time is limited, visit either Ayutthaya Historical Study Center, which is both a research institute and a museum, or Ayutthaya Tourism Center (ATC), where visitors can enjoy exhibitions and a video presentation on Ayutthaya’s history, tourism, architecture and lifestyle. Explore more at the National Art Museum and the Ayothaya Contemporary Art Gallery within the ATC.
09. Bring Ayutthaya back home

Palm leaf fish mobiles, bamboo fans, palm leaf hats, miniature crafts, and Aranyik knives are Ayutthaya’s typical products. There are numerous shops selling all kinds of local products at the grounds in front of Wihan Phara Mongkhon Bophit and Wat Phananchoeng.
10. Dine with a spectacular view in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is famed for its boat noodle soup. This special authentic noodle soup is still served in some eateries where the counters are shaped like boats. Riverside restaurants are ideal places to enjoy local specialties, all with an amazing view of the river. Some establishments even offer their own dining cruise service. For a great snack, try Roti Sai Mai, which is known as the best sweet roti in Thailand.