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The Hidden Gems

TTrat is Thailand’s eastern-most province. With its 52 large and small offshore islands, long white sandy beaches and unspoiled coral reefs, Trat offers delightful scenery and a tranquil hideout for nature lovers. It also serves as a major fruit growing and fishing area, as well as a starting point for Ko Chang, one of the most popular attractions of the east coast. November to March is the best time to visit Ko Chang and Trat.

01. Beaches galore at Mu Ko Chang National Park

Mu Ko Chang National Park, with an area of 250 square miles, covers more than 52 islands, the most beautiful of which is Ko Chang. A stretch of long, white sandy beach dotted with coconut tree orchards is a common sight on Ko Chang, which boasts of several amazing natural wonders including: undisturbed island rainforest, steep hills, cliffs, waterfalls, notable wildlife, fine beaches, coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life. There are other islands with wonderful spots of nature such as Ko Khlum, Ko Lao Ya Nai, Ko Ngam, Ko Mai Si Yai, Ko Wai, and Ko Rang. Relaxing, trekking, and marine activities are among the popular activities to indulge in.
02. Nature at its loveliest in Ko Kut

Ko Kut is Thailand’s easternmost island and covers an area of approximately 40 square miles. Its geography, however, is much more like Ko Chang: humpbacked with hills covered in lush rainforest. The island also has its fair share of pleasant beaches, plus the visually appealing Namtok Khlong Chao, a beautiful waterfall with a pool at the bottom, where visitors can swim in the midst of the verdant jungle and the melodies of birdsong and insect chatter.
03. Discover the beauty of Ko Kradat

Another green gem in the island’s tiara, Kradat has a long beach encircling the island, and water that has a wealth of sunken, sightseeing pleasures in the form of coral reefs. It has a flat paper-like topography with Alocasia plants – “Kradat” in Thai – growing wild in abundance, and has been designated among the Unseen Thailand attractions.
04. Ko Mak is the ultimate lover’s getaway

The island may only be 6 square miles, but its natural attractions loom large in the eyes of visitors. Indeed, this sand-fringed island makes for a great, romantic hideaway. The island also boasts of scenic bays, crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, and many coconut and rubber plantations.
05. Snorkel and dive to your heart’s content

Snorkeling and diving reign supreme in Ko Chang. Some of the most popular dive sites in the area are off Ko Chang’s southern tip. Between Ko Chang and Ko Kut, the underwater explorer will find much of interest, like seamounts abounding with coral, and a Thai warship sunk by the French during a territorial dispute over these waters back in 1941. An all-day snorkeling trip to Ko Rang, renowned for its shallow reefs and diversity of fish, is popular. For scuba divers, head to Hin Sam Sao and Hin Look Bath to enjoy the beauty of the hard corals, sea whips, a few species of soft corals, reef fishes such as Damselfish and Angelfish, and large pelagic fish such as Barracudas or even sharks.
06. A trekker’s challenge awaits you at Namtok Khlong Kaeo National Park

Namtok Khlong Kaeo National Park on the Trat mainland covers an area of 40,478 square miles. This protected area is rich in plant life and worthy of a one-day trek. Khlong Kaeo also has a seven-tier waterfall, with each segment boasting of its own natural attractions. It takes almost all day to climb up to every level; however, challenge yourself at least to reach the 4th tier where you can see a magnificent panorama of the Bo Rai district.
07. Spend a day kayaking at Ban Salakkok

Kayaking is a great way to explore both the coastline and inner landscape of Ko Chang. Kayak through the shade of the mangroves in the fisherman village of Ban Salakkok. Let the community guide enhance your eco- and agrotourism experiences. To end your day, feast on a memorable sunset dinner.
08. Be a fisherman for a day at the Bang Bao Fishery Village

This is an atmospheric village built on wooden stilts jutting up out of the sea. All the houses are connected by wooden walkways. The fisher folks’ lifestyle and all the succulent seafood are the two reasons tourists should put Bang Bao on their itinerary. Nowadays, you can really wade in for some cultural immersion by booking a home-stay with the villagers. Another bonus is chartering a vessel to cruise around the archipelago.
09. Shop for exotic treats and gifts

Trat is renowned for its precious red gemstone, known as the ‘Siamese Ruby.’ The Ngop Nam Chiao, a folk-style hand-made palm leaf hat, herbal yellow oil, the Trat Si Thong pineapple, and Zalacca, a sweet tangy tropical fruit, are among the other distinct products of Trat.
10. Get your fill of succulent seafood and luscious fruits

Trat’s two night markets are excellent choices for local specialties. Trat also has a savory reputation for serving up the freshest catch in a variety of Thai styles, and dished out for very affordable prices. While in Trat, do not miss Zalacca and a cornucopia of succulent fruits such as rambutan, durian, and pineapple.